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Profit Improvement

How would you like to have a 25 page financial analysis of your company?  Would you like access to over 1000 cost savings ideas you can implement in your business today?  Would you like a tool professional marketers use to evaluate the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts?  This product contains 5 proven tools to generate profits for your business. 




Benchmarking and Trouble Shooting Guide Product Overview

We have prepared a pre-formatted Executive Summary that can be used to feature the key results in the Detailed Analysis. It is in this section of the document you insert the key ratios and analysis that you would like to highlight to the client.  In addition, this software comes with a solutions manual that contains over to 200 pages of potential financial problems and provides symptoms, causes, measurement, repair and prevention techniques to assist you in providing meaningful and actionable knowledge to the client.  You may also want to include some of the over 400 probing financial questions to get at the root cause of the problem.  All documents and spreadsheets are easily edited and pasted into the final client document. 

For more information see the detailed product description.

Or if you prefer, we have compiled a generic report that illustrates all of the various analysis that the worksheets will automatically do for you and a sample Executive Summary, most of which can be cut and pasted from the Solutions Book.  These numbers are just plug in numbers, meant for illustration purposes only. 

Sample Executive Report

Sample Detailed Report

Expense Saving Ideas Book

If you are looking for a sure fire way to cut your expenses, this is the book!  With over 700 pages and 1000 innovative ideas on how to cut your business expenses you will be on a fast track to profitability in no time.  Do you know a simple trick that will save you hundreds on your lease?  Do you want to cut your travel costs in half?  Would you like to save thousands of dollars making small changes to some of your policies?   If so this is the one resource you need.  The most comprehensive business expense savings book on the market today.

For more information see the detailed product description.

Or, if you prefer, you can view the sample report

Marketing Analyzer

If you are a marketing professional or an individual that wants to examine a marketing strategy in detail than this is the product for you!  With close to 40 different marketing analytical tools ranging from market attractiveness analysis to promotion payback analysis we left nothing to chance.  Whether you are a service company or manufacturer, whether you are a large or small company, whether you are a retail or online store we have developed tools that will give you keen insight into the marketing performance of your firm.

All of these worksheets are integrated into one workbook, providing you with a seamless analytical experience and professional reporting.

For more information see the detailed product description.

Growth Project Portfolio Diagnostic

Peak Strategy has created this diagnostic tool to assist business owners and project managers with understanding how their current growth initiatives are related to the core business and business system. The tool allows you to understand the current and optimal mix of growth projects across various project types.  The worksheet is divided into four sections:

-Project Portfolio Management
-Optimal Growth Project Allocation Mix
-Current Project Allocation Mix
-Alignment Between Current and Optimal Growth Project Allocation

For more information see the detailed product description.

Or, if you prefer, you can view the sample report

Sample Customer Comments

We are a small company and we had never gone through and exercise like this.  We methodically both our expenses and revenues using the tools and we were able to save over $250,000 the first year.  Kelly, Shawdeem Manufacturing

We did not go through a whole process I just gave the Financial Benchmarking Tool to my CFO, the Marketing Analyzer Tool to the Head of Sales, and the Expense Savings Book to each of the department heads responsible for the respective cost center.  Everyone was impressed with the level of detail and thought that went into this product - I highly recommend it!  Brian French, COO Administrative Services Today

You can pay for this product in one day with the savings you will make!  I have to admit it was a bit overwhelming a product with thousands of pages and spreadsheets but it is well worth the investment of time.  I now have a new tool I can take to my clients and it is all done for me.   Sally Callan, Callan Management Consulting

Thanks.  Very comprehensive and a great value.  Bruce Newton, Newton Enterprises

FREE Bonus

Plan to Grow Your Business!

In this market environment you need a laser sharp focus on where you allocate your marketing resources.  A well thought out marketing plan can make the difference between success and failure.  Whether you are new to marketing or are a seasoned professional, you will benefit from Peak Strategy's Marketing Plan Book. 

Are you losing sales to a competitor?  Is your advertising ROI where it needs to be?  Do you need to develop a marketing strategy for a new business or refocus an existing business?  Is your product positioned right in the market?  Are you pursuing the right target market?  Peak Strategy helps you answer these types of questions and more through a proven marketing process.  The Marketing Plan Book contains 30 pages of detailed questions, insights and tips on how to develop a successful marketing plan.

For more information see the detailed product description.

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Profit Improvement

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