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Marketing Analyzer

Marketing Analyzer - Tools to increase your marketing performance

If you are a marketing professional or an individual that wants to examine a marketing strategy in detail than this is the product for you!  With close to 40 different marketing analytical tools ranging from market attractiveness analysis to promotion payback analysis we left nothing to chance.  Whether you are a service company or manufacturer, whether you are a large or small company, whether you are a retail or online store we have developed tools that will give you keen insight into the marketing performance of your firm.

All of these worksheets are integrated into one workbook, providing you with a seamless analytical experience and professional reporting.

Forecasting and Budgeting
Marketing Budget
Contribution Margin and Break Even Analysis
Moving Average Sales Forecast
Sales Seasonality by Month
Sales Forecast Based on Growth
Sales Forecast by Market Share
Unit Sales Forecast

Internet Marketing
Acquisition Cost by Campaign
Summary E-Mail ROI
Summary Blended E-Mail ROI
Web Site Traffic Forecast
E-Mail List Development

Direct Marketing
Direct Advertising Effectiveness
Direct Marketing Analysis
Traditional Mail ROI Analysis
Traditional Mail Blended ROI

Advertising Effectiveness
Trade Show Budget
Sales Analysis
Sales Force Metrics
Media Forecast
Cost of Coupon Promotion
Promotion Payback Analysis

Ratios and Metrics
Ratios and Measures
Selling Metrics
Lifetime Value Customers
Return on Time Invested

Price Estimate for Services
Price Estimate for Goods
Target Return Pricing
Average Selling Price

Competitive Analysis
Business Strength Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Critical Success Factors
Marketing Score Card
Market Attractiveness Analysis
Product Competitive Analysis

Store-to-Store Sales
Merchandise Plan

Sample Client Comments

Details, details, details, this program lets you delve deep into your marketing strategy to uncover your strengths and opportunities to improve.  Thanks great product.  Sam Keating, Nesta Sales & Marketing

Wow - this product has shaved years off my life by putting all of the typical and not so typical marketing analytical tools together in one product!  Tom Snelling, Focus First Marketing

If you are having some problems with your marketing or you want a fresh set of eyes on your strategy, these tools are invaluable - I highly recommend them.  Sarah Sheahan, Total Marketing Studios, LLC

I love this product, I save the results each quarter and then run side by side reports to look at the progress (hopefully) of my marketing strategy.  This is also a great tool to show off - make sure they think you put it together!  Tom Tracey, Longwood Developers


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Marketing Analyzer

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