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Marketing Plan

Plan to Grow Your Business!

In this market environment you need a laser sharp focus on where you allocate your marketing resources.  A well thought out marketing plan can make the difference between success and failure.  Whether you are new to marketing or are a seasoned professional, you will benefit from Peak Strategy's Marketing Plan Book. 

Are you losing sales to a competitor?  Is your advertising ROI where it needs to be?  Do you need to develop a marketing strategy for a new business or refocus an existing business?  Is your product positioned right in the market?  Are you pursuing the right target market?  Peak Strategy helps you answer these types of questions and more through a proven marketing process.  The Marketing Plan Book contains 30 pages of detailed questions, insights and tips on how to develop a successful marketing plan.

Peak Strategy's Marketing Plan Book Overview

Proven Template
We have used best in class practices developing this book and over the years we have refined and perfected the model. The template and sections are already formatted and designed for you to easily complete the template.

We Make is Easy
Our step-by-step marketing planning process allows you to combine your knowledge of the business with some of the industries best thinking about marketing strategies.

We Save You Time
We have spent hundreds of hours researching the topic, refining the model and building the financial tools to help save you time.

We Help Customize Your Plan for Your Industry
We provide you thought provoking questions, background information, research tools, and financial spreadsheets that allow you to easily adapt a marketing strategy for your industry.

What Will You Find in the Book?
30 pages of tools, tips and questions to help develop and refine your plan
-A companion spreadsheet that contains the following worksheets:
   Sales Forecasts
Marketing Budget
   Marketing Operations Budget
Advertising Effectiveness
   Ad Analysis
    Competitive Analysis
Business Strength Analysis
   Competitor Analysis
   Critical Success Factor Score Card
   Marketing Function Score Card
   Market Attractiveness Analysis
   Product Competitive Analysis
   Sales Analysis
Sales Analysis
   Sales Force Metrics
    Profit Measures
Contribution Margin and Break Even
   Product Profitability
Mark-Up Pricing Analysis
   Target Pricing Analysis

Table of Contents   

Executive Summary
Marketing Objectives 5
Goods or Services 5
Resources Needed 5
Projected Outcomes 5

Company Description

Strategic Focus and Plan
Mission/Vision 6
Goals 6
Core Competency 6

Situation Analysis
Internal Focus 7
External Focus 7
Industry Analysis/Trends 8
Competitor Analysis 8
Company Analysis 10
Customer Analysis 10
SWOT Analysis Summary 11

Market and Product Focus
Marketing and Product Objectives 12
Target Markets 12
Points of Difference 13
Positioning 13

Marketing Program
Product and Product Strategy 14
Price 16
Promotion 17
Place 19

Data and Projections
Sales Forecasting Methods Used 21
Sales Data 21
Costs 22
Financial Projections 22
Financial Information Systems Needs 22


Implementation Plan
People Required 23
Manufacturing, Financial and Other Resources Needed 23
Timing 23

Evaluation and Control
Marketing Information Systems Needed 24
Criterion Measures with Objectives 24

Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel 25

Appendix B: Support Material 26

Table of Contents   

Sample Client Comments

I am new to marketing so when I was asked to put together a plan I was a bit concerned to say the least :) However, as soon as I purchased this product I started feeling a lot better about the assignment.  The package contained everything I needed to put together a professional looking marketing plan and I did!  I got rave reviews from senior management - Thanks.  Theresa Denny, Compudata Services

The companion worksheets alone are worth the money, it saved me countless hours putting together my own data.  I also thought that the questions and tips were well thought out.  Brad Simmons, Business Sight

Do not try to do a plan on your own!  This guide walked me through everything I needed to know.  I wish I had this a few years ago when I started writing marketing plans.  Keith Dunkin

I get paid to put marketing plans together as a consultant.  Thank god I had this tool, it saves me a ton of time because it is already formatted and built to rapidly complete.  Caitlyn Burrow, Burrow & Sons Consulting


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Marketing Plan

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