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Consultant's Marketing Guide

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Consultants Struggle
While Other Make Six Figure Incomes?

Has your business been slower than you would like?  Are you getting 80% of your business from existing
clients and referrals?  Do you know how to attract, segment and grow your list of profitable clients? Would
you like to know secrets that will help explode your pipeline?

We have put the industries most comprehensive marketing guide together for consultants.  No other
resource will provide you more detailed and insightful advice to help you grow your practice.  Whether
you are an emerging consultant or an established practitioner, we provide you with over 400 pages of
practical advice for each stage of your business growth.

Each chapter is written as a stand alone document.  However, together they represent a powerful
combination of ideas, secrets and strategies for success.

Consultants Have Problems Too! 

There are a lot great ideas on the web on how to market a business but I am not an online bookstore.
I wish I had more time to sift through all of the useless information and find only relevant information.
My pipeline is okay for now but long term I need a better strategy for converting prospects into clients.
I know I need to be doing more online but where do I start.
I would love to expand my practice and earn extra streams of income without growing my staff.
I need to improve efficiency in my marketing efforts. I am not getting a return on my time.

Chapter Highlights

Below are just a few of the things you will learn in each chapter. 

Chapter 1
101 Proven Practice Building Ideas
-Secrets for getting leads after a speech
-How to get paid what you want
-The 5 questions you need to answer when you meet with a prospect
-How to turn wasted time into relationship building moments

Chapter 2
Secrets of Active Online Marketing for Consultants
-Secrets of Active Online Marketing for Consultants
-The do�s and don�ts of building or improving your consultant website

-Secret ideas for driving traffic to your site that other consultants are not using
-Tools for evaluating your competition's website
-Free tools for improving your site rankings

-21 questions to ask a web host provider
-How to find technology providers at a fraction of the cost you are paying today


Chapter 3
Business Networking For Consultants

-How, as a consultant you can rapidly expand your network
-Tips on where you can find areas and opportunities to network
-Strategies for identifying the best contacts that will help you grow your business
-What to say, when to say it and how to stay in touch with your contacts
-How to use the internet to expand your circle of business contact

Chapter 4
A Consultants Guide to Giving a Business Speech or

-How to take advantage of our special offer and receive a free silver membership to a speech
 writing database � a -$25 value
-Tips on what to say and how to say it to avoid any embarrassing moments

-14 secrets for reducing your anxiety while giving a speech or presentation
-How to structure your speech to engage the audience Practical examples you can use
immediately to keep the audience at the edge of their seats

Chapter 5
Building the Consulting Pipeline

-Getting your prospects and former clients looking forward to getting your call

-What to avoid at all costs
-How to motivate your contacts to refer you business
-Referral strategies your competitors ignore
-Tips for becoming a resource for the press

Chapter 6
Avoid Slogging Move to Blogging

-How to drive traffic and potential prospects to your blog
-Key questions to ask to identify the right theme and content for your blog
-Integrating your blog into your existing consulting practice
-Secrets for getting other blogs to link to you
-How to syndicate your blog


Chapter 7
Consultants Guide to Teleworkshops and Teleseminars

-11 compelling reasons why your practice needs to do teleworkshops

-20 sure fire techniques to delivering a successful workshop
-How to dramatically cut your teleworkshop expenses
-Which teleworkshop features to use and how to use them

-Exploding your profits by hosting guests at your workshops

Chapter 8
Factors which Insure Success at a Seminar
-A 10 question scoring sheet for successful seminar promotional materials
-11 things you absolutely must have in any advertisement
-How to select a profitable seminar topic by using a decision matrix
-Using objective and quantifiable data to select a site location that will draw the most attendees
-Secrets for setting a  seminar price that maximizes your profits
-When is the best time to send promotional materials

Chapter 9
Relationship Sales and Account Management
-59 account management best practices for consultants
-How to get to level 3 relationship selling
-Tips for understanding your client�s communication style
-Techniques to use that differentiate you from the competition
-Secrets for segmenting your client base

Chapter 10
Automate your Emails, Newsletters, Training and GROWTH
 - Through

-9 areas to look for autoresponder topics
-Tips for using Amazon, user groups and even Ebay to refine your topic!
-Market research tools and sample surveys
-How to write effective autoresponders that avoid the spam filters and attract sales
-Strategies for marketing your autoresponder as an extension of your consulting practice

-How to quickly and cheaply make your own ebook

Chapter 11
Building your Brand and Practice through Article &
Newsletter Marketing

-Tools and techniques for getting content that will captivate the reader

-How to write articles 10 times faster than you are now
-Build trust with prospective clients

-Where to find a non stop flow of ideas for your articles and newsletters
-Where to submit your content for maximum exposure
-What you should have in every article or do not bother writing it

Chapter 12
Consultants Guide to Winning Proposals

-7 critical questions to ask even before you begin
-How to differentiate yourself from the competition and quickly earn credibility
-Secrets of responding to proposals that are compelling, credible and concise
6 proven ideas
for moving the prospect to yes

-How to write executive summaries that engage the reader
-Samples and illustrations for quickly building a successful proposal

FREE Bonus #1

Abstract Corporate Branding Package

With this package you will receive the following templates:
-3 postcards
-1 brochure

-1 flyer
-Stationary, business card and envelope
-20 PowerPoint slides

Each one of these templates can be fully customized by you in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. 
See the example below:


Business Corporate Branding Package

With this package you will receive the following templates:
-2 brochures
2 flyers
2 different stationary and business card templates
11 PowerPoint slides

 Each one of these templates can be fully customized by you in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. 
See the example below:


Whether or not you have developed a strong brand image you can benefit from these packages. 
Each document can be customized with your own logo and color scheme. 

These packages are worth over $150.

FREE Bonus #2

Marketing analyzer package:  Receive an Excel spreadsheet that contains the following templates:

Proposal Assessment:  35 question scoring card to determine whether or not you should submit
a proposal or a Request For Proposal (RFP) � take the guess work out of the decision by using quantitative factors.

Proposal Planning Sheet:  A spreadsheet developed to help you estimate the cost of a particular project.

Pipeline Management:  Pipeline detailed management sheet and forecasting tool.  Always know the
potential of your practice!

Marketing Plan:  A marketing plan spreadsheet and chart to help you forecast your costs.

This marketing analyzer package is a $35 value and is available to you as part of a comprehensive
approach to consultant marketing.


  We have a 30 day, no questions asked return policy.  Like your practice, we take pride in our products.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this purchase you may return it for a full refund.  

Special Offer

Think of what you will receive.

-12 chapters of marketing ideas that will explode your pipeline
-2 corporate branding packages --- a $150 value
-A marketing analyzer package valued at $35

If you get one extra hour of consulting fees it would pay for this guide.  If you don�t get paid
this type of fee � you need this information even more!!!

p.s. Don�t forget you also receive a free silver membership to with the
purchase of this guide � a $25 value.  See Chapter 4 for additional details.

Consultant's Marketing Guide

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