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Consulting Contracts - Downloadable



We have put together 10 of our most popular consulting contracts and some tips and strategies all in one book.  Inside you will find:

-10 consulting contracts that can be easily modified in your word processing program
-8 Ways to structure your fee payments
-How to select the right contract for different types of engagements
-The difference between a good retainer agreement and a bad one
-How to save a lot of money in legal fees
-6 contract strategies for successful negotiations:

    Avoidance of Misunderstanding
    Freedom and Independence
    Assurance of Work
    Assurance of Payment
    Avoidance of Liability

    Prevention of Litigation

-The 6 essential elements of a consulting contract

A FREE bonus of 8 more contracts

Each one of the contracts below is sold individually and you may preview the documents by clicking on the contract number.  If you do not see what you need here, check out all of our consulting contracts.    

    CT1 - A sample agreement to be written on the client's letterhead, retaining your organization for a specific project. This agreement starts on page 26. 

    CT2 - A sample agreement to be written on the consultant's letterhead, indicating the proposal and reporting intentions of the consultant for an engineering services type project. This agreement starts on page 29. 

    CT3 - A sample of the terms and conditions in which a consultant provides services to a client. Covers general terms and conditions, reimbursable expenses, invoices and payments, warranty and limitation of liability. This agreement starts on page 31. 

    CT4 - A sample of a formal written contract for the more involved project, which may require governmental, third party and supervision. This is the most detailed of the contracts and will probably require review by your attorney for your specific needs. This agreement starts on page 33. 

   CT5 - A sample engineering service agreement. This agreement allows for additional compensation to the consultant if changes in plans or specifications are made. The standard per diem charge of the consultant is used to determine the additional compensation.  This agreement starts on page 39. 

    CT6 - A sample agreement for use when the consultant will be acting as an agent for the client, usually with respect to selling or representing. Also, it is typical of the agreements for use between a consultant and those individuals retained by the consultant to serve as sub-contractors. This agreement starts on page 44. 

    CT7 - A sample agreement for use by the consultant when retaining the services of a second or sub-    consultant. This agreement starts on page 47. 

    CT8 - A sample of a fixed price services agreement. For use when the consultant provides a specific set of services within a definite time period for a fixed dollar amount.  This agreement starts on page 51. 

    CT9 - A sample of a general-purpose professional services agreement. Covers statement of work, payment, expenses, obligations, patents and data, termination, security, government contract requirements, subcontracting, relationship of consultant to client and interpretation of the contract. This agreement starts on page 55. 

    CT10 - A sample of an engagement letter, confirming the scheduled meeting and informing the client about the consultant´┐Żs fee structure.  This agreement starts on page 59. 

Bonus:  In the appendix we provide you with 3 additional Consulting Contract examples and 5 Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements a $99 value! Free with your purchase of this book. 

Each of these samples you can copy and paste from the book into your own word processing program to suit your needs.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this guide all you have to do is return the package within 30 days and we will refund your purchase.  It's that simple. Like you, we take pride in what we do and we want you completely satisfied with your purchase

Consulting Contracts - Downloadable


$109.00 $79.00 On Sale!

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