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Disaster Recovery Policies, Procedures & Forms


Disaster Recovery Policies & Procedures

Nobody exempt from disaster

The key to successful disaster recovery is to have an emergency plan in place before the disaster ever strikes. Use the manual�s proven scientific model to learn the true scope of the disaster recovery process within your company. Understand the cause and effect relationship between a company�s policies and operating procedures and the likelihood for survival after disaster. Implement a comprehensive emergency plan and company-wide disaster management program that significantly reduces your company�s exposure to risk.

How to quickly maintain your operations when disaster strikes with easily editable contingency plan, policies and procedures.  Includes instructions on creating your own disaster plan, MS-WORD policies, procedures & forms, and a guide to coping with workplace violence. Comes with a printed manuals, a three ring note book, and a CD Rom which contains the complete manual. To make changes on parts and pages and to customize to your company, use WORD to modify specific pages and then replace the old ones.  The is the way to create an easily editable Policies and Procedures quickly and with little time or cost.

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Emergency Plan to Prepare Against Disaster

How to Maintain Your Operations When Disaster Strikes with easily editable contingency plan policies and procedures.

Be prepared for any emergency or disaster, natural or man-made, with this authoritative guide. Use this step-by-step guide to quickly produce an emergency and disaster management plan. Includes prewritten procedures, forms, and a sample plan to get you started fast.

Does your company have an Emergency Plan?

Disasters like Flood, fire, or theft can strike at any time. Do you know where your employees would report to work if that happened to you? Do you have an emergency plan in place? Most businesses don�t. If you�re small and unprepared you could be out of business in the absence of a disaster recovery plan. Sure most businesses have insurance, but that could take 90 days or longer to get paid. How much business will you lose while you are trying to figure out how to re-open your doors?

Fortunately, There�s a Better Way...

Prepare Your Business For:

-Workplace violence
-Computer system crashes
-Power outages

You will learn How To Manage The Disaster Recovery Process

-How to Manage Disaster Recovery Planning
-How to Manage Emergency Services and Agreements
-How to Manage Operations Centers
-How to Manage Emergency Notifications
-How to Manage Office and Department Recovery

Who will Benefit From this Disaster and Emergency Plan Manual?

The Manual is designed especially for those people who are responsible for a company�s safety and soundness: directors, executives, compliance officers, security directors, auditors and operations managers. The Manual is a strategic planning, training and reference tool for helping you to decide what to do before, during and after a violent event.

Order Yours Today. We offer a 48 hour money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

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Disaster Recovery Policies, Procedures & Forms



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