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Financial Benchmarking

 Identify, Review and Solve Company Financial Problems in Minutes!


The Peak Performer� is a business analyzing tool that provides you an in depth financial review of business across various categories. This products fills a perceived need that we saw in the market - combining detailed analysis with specific and actionable advice.  Unlike anything else in the market this series of worksheets provides you comprehensive insight into the health of a company and the value you can bring to the firm. 

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Product Recap


 Executive Summary 

We have prepared a pre-formatted Executive Summary that can be used to feature the key results in the Detailed Analysis. It is in this section of the document you insert the key ratios and analysis that you would like to highlight to the client.  In addition, this software comes with a solutions manual that contains over to 200 pages of potential financial problems and provides symptoms, causes, measurement, repair and prevention techniques to assist you in providing meaningful and actionable knowledge to the client.  You may also want to include some of the over 400 probing financial questions to get at the root cause of the problem.  All documents and spreadsheets are easily edited and pasted into the final client document. 

Detailed Analysis
The each of the detailed 75 analytical and ratio calculations (described below) contain a small graph, year by year comparisons and notes about the significance and what to look for in the calculations.  The entire analysis is over 25 pages long.  If you need additional information on a particular issue or ratio you can click on the section and be brought to the solutions manual.

Comparative Income Statement
Income Statement as a Percent of Net Sales Comparisons
Comparative Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet as a Percent of Total Asset Comparisons
Other Comparisons 

Cash Flow
Cash Flow from Operations to Current Portion of LTD
Cash Flow From Sales to Total Sales
Cash Debt Coverage
Years Debt
Cash Maturity Coverage
Sales to Cash
Cash from Operations to Total Debt and Equity
Cash Return on Assets (excluding interest)
Cash Return on Assets (including interest)
Cash Return to Shareholders
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Operations Cash Flow to Current Liabilities
Bad Debt Ratio
Average Collection Period

Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Turnover
Collection Period

Inventory Turnover
Number of Days Inventory

Profit and Contribution Margin
Cash Breakeven Point
EBIT to Sales Ratio

Financial Statements
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Accounts Receivable Turnover
Collection Period
Inventory Turnover
Age of Inventory
Operating Cycle
Working Capital
Sales to Current Assets
Working Capital Provided by Net Income
Working Capital from Operations to Total Liabilities
Cash and Marketable Securities to Current Liabilities
Cash and Marketable Securities to Working Capital
Expenses to Current Assets
Quick Assets
Days of Liquidity
Defensive Interval Period
Liquidity Index
Financial Leverage (Debt to Equity)
Long Term Debt to Shareholders Equity
Debt Ratio
Times Interest Earned
Operations Cash Flow Plus Interest to Interest
Fixed Charge Coverage
Operations Cash Flow Plus Fixed Charges to Fixed Charges
Non-Current Assets to Non-Current Liabilities
Retained Earnings to Total Assets
Short Term Debt to Long Term Debt
Times Interest Earned
Sales to Accounts Payable
Current Liabilities to Sales
Sales to Cash Ratio
Sales to Working Capital
Sales to Fixed Assets
Sales to Total Assets
Return on Assets
Return on Investment
Equity Multiplier

Labor Costs to Total Costs
Labor Costs to Sales
Labor Costs to Net Income

Fixed Costs to Total Assets
Percentage Change in Operating Income vs. Sales Volume
Fixed Costs to Total Costs
Sales to Break-Even Point

Trend in Sales
Sales to Net Income
Advertising to Net Income

Business Risk
Net Income to Assets
Debt to Assets

Optimizer Calculation � Variance to best net sales and best percent of sales

We have compiled a generic report that illustrates all of the various analysis that the worksheets will automatically do for you and a sample Executive Summary, most of which can be cut and pasted from the Solutions Book.  These numbers are just plug in numbers, meant for illustration purposes only. 

Sample Executive Report

Sample Detailed Report 

I use a lot of spreadsheets - too many! This program save me countless hours creating and editing the formulas.  I made my money back with one client.  KC Consulting 

This is a very robust program.  There are ratios in there I did not even know about but thanks to the documentation I know do.  Management Designers 

The marketing information talks about actionable advice - it delivers, thanks.  Jim Carver, Knowledge Ace 

The big plus with this product is the manual they provide with it.  It contains very detailed symptoms and solutions, even how to prevent the same results in the future.  It was easy to identify and cut and paste the solutions into the final analysis document for my client. I usually focus on technical and operational consulting assignments, this product opens up a whole new revenue stream for me. Viaduct Consulting, Jim Ellis 

 Business Check Up

This product is structured to produce a definitive picture of the weak points in a business and to outline areas that will product impactful changes.  As a consultant you can offer a check up for free or for a fee and then follow-up with a proposal on how you can implement the changes need to fix the problem. 

Profit Improvement

The goal of profit improvement is to enhance the performance of a core business through a fact based approach.  By using this tool as a starting point, you can look at both the revenue and cost side of the business and make recommendations on how to improve their profit. 

Core Extension

Whether you are a sales, operations, technology or any other type of consultant, you can use this tool as a way of benchmarking the financial points that help illustrate the "pain" the client should be feeling.  Once they fully understand the financial magnitude of the "pain" the tool will help demonstrate the business value associated your service.  

Broaden Service Offering

Expand your revenue generating opportunities by offering more services.  Many engagements start off with a very focused assignment but as you delve into the problem you tend to uncover other issues.  You can use the product to expand into financial evaluations and improve your revenue opportunities. 

 -75 Analytical and Ratio Calculations

-Over 200 Pages of Financial Solutions Including:  symptoms, causes, measurement, repair and prevention techniques that can be edited and pasted into your client analysis

-Client Report Template

-Over 400 probing financial questions that get to the root cause of a financial problem 

We're confident that you'll be delighted with your purchase. That's why every product purchased from the website is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let us know. We will promptly replace the item or give you a refund within 30 days of the purchase.
It's that simple.

Financial Benchmarking

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