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Dental Management and Marketing SOPs

In this Section you'll find SOPs addressing practice management and marketing tasks, such as:

-Staff: finding, hiring and training
-Conflict resolution
-Patient correspondence

At 230 pages, this section is an excellent guide for improving the functionality of your team, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing patient relationships. All the SOPs are easily customizable (in Microsoft Word) to meet the unique needs of your practice.

With recently incorporated Strategic Planning material, this section now includes the information you need to 'SOPify' your management and marketing systems and see the effectiveness of Standard Operating Procedures in action in your office, with your staff.

Management and marketing includes: 61 SOPs, 30 forms and 3 performance agreements in a three-ring binder with the complete text on CD as editable Microsoft Word files.

Chapter One

Strategic Planning for Peak Performance, Service, and Profits
The SOPs Productivity Pyramid
Level 1: Mission and Objectives
Level 2: Teamwork
Level 3: The Service Cycle and the “Nine Moments of Truth”  

Chapter Two

Building Your Own SOPs Productivity Pyramid
Step 1: Read This Book
Step 2: Prep Questions
Step 3: Get Team Support
Step 4: Supplies
Step 5: Choose a Strategy
Step 6: Use Meetings and Work Sessions to Complete Each Level of the Pyramid
Step 7: Monitor Work Progress
Step 8: Support and Appreciate Your Team’s Efforts
Step 9: Assemble and Review the Final Product
Step 10: Reward Yourself and Your Teammates

Chapter Three

A SOP for SOP-Building
Standard Operating Procedure for Creating Your Own SOPs Manual
Getting Started
Session One: Present the Project to the Team
Session Two: Mission Statement and Objectives
Session Three: Teamwork
Session Four: Analyzing Your Service Cycle—The “Nine Moments of Truth”
Session Five: Divide and Conquer
Session Six: A SOPs Workshop
How to Write a SOP
Sample SOP Swap Label
SOPs Checklist
Session Seven: Another SOPs Workshop
Session Eight: Assembling Your Procedures Manual
Session Nine: Celebrate!

Mission Statements

Mission Statement Questionnaire
Sample Mission Statement
Desired Outcome Fulfills the Mission Statement

Performance Agreements

Introduction and Instruction
Office Manager
Privacy Officer
Task Inventory: Management


Standard Operating Procedures

Management SOPs Project Flow Sheet
The Business of Dentistry
Leadership by Design Assessment

Personnel Management
Finding and Hiring the Right People
New Employee Orientation
Staff Evaluations and Performance Planning
Front Office Training Schedule
Back Office Training Schedule
Continuing Education
Convention Attendance

Team Systems
Motivating Your Team
Creating a Team Agreement
Conflict Resolution
Inner-Office Memo System
Facilitating and Conducting Staff Meetings
The 12 days of Christmas Staff Appreciation Program

Converting to a New Charting System
OSHA and Regulatory Compliance
Office Security Check List
Computer Operations: System Log-In and Back-Up
Monitoring Sheets
Managing Dental Supply Cash Flow
Saving On General Office Supplies
Choosing the Right Dental Lab
Office Layout: Diagrams

Nine Moments of Truth Marketing Analysis
Conducting Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Dazzle Cards
Practice Information Portfolios
Routine Patient Correspondence
Gifts to Patients and Colleagues

Business, Life, Disability for the Doctor
Licensing and Other Requirements
Bi-Annual Fee Updates

HIPAA: Our Obligations
HIPAA Compliance in the Dental Office
Communicating Privacy Practices to our Patients
When an Authorization is Needed
Verification of Identity
Applying the Minimum Necessary Standard
Business Associate Agreements
Staff Training of Privacy Policies and Procedures
Discipline and Sanctions for Violations of Privacy Policies
Patient Complaints

HIPAA: Patient Rights
Right to Access
Request to Amend Record
Accounting for Disclosures
Disclosure Log
Request to Restrictions on Use or Disclosure
Request for Alternative/Confidential Communications

HIPAA: Data Safeguards
Summary of Computer Programs
Virus and Hacker Protections
Paper Records and Storage


Chart Audit and Treatment Status
Daily Deposit Recap and Cash Recap Worksheets
Dental Supply, Pharmaceutical, and Instrument Order List
Gap Analysis
Hygiene Fee Information Sheet
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Meeting Evaluation
Morning Huddle
Nine Moments of Truth
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Performance Agreement Worksheet
Petty Cash Reconciliation Log and Worksheet
Please, Let’s…
Practice Advisors and Vendors
Recall System Effectiveness Worksheet
Recap of Chart Audit
Sample Memos
SOPs Worksheet
Strategy and Goal Sheets
Team Survey

Patient Correspondence
Apology for Extended Wait
Cavity Free Club
Great Patient Club
Inactive Patient Notice
New Patient Welcome Letter
Prophy Encouragement
Referral Thank You
Sorry to See you Go
Withdrawal From Care Notice

As with the rest of the DENTAL SOPs Products, everything comes on either computer disk or is digitally downloadable for ultimate customization. Make your selection in the pull down menu. 

For the hard copy we provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for the digital download of this product because of the editor's policy. We will, however,  resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable version you review all of the information regarding this product.

Dental Management and Marketing SOPs

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