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Dental Front Office SOPs

front_office.jpg In this Section you'll find SOPs addressing common Front Office tasks such as:

-Opening and closing
-Confirming appointments
-Dealing with the hostile patient
-Chart preparation

At 171 pages, this section is an excellent guide for improving your critical "first impressions department" and standardizing scheduling tasks to improve your daily workflow. As all the SOPs are easily customizable (in Microsoft Word) to meet the unique needs of your practice.

With recently incorporated Strategic Planning material, this section now includes the information you need to 'SOPify' your front office and see the effectiveness of Standard Operating Procedures in action in your office, with your staff.

Front Office includes: 56 SOPs, 11 forms and 2 performance agreements in a three-ring binder with the complete text on CD as editable Microsoft Word files.

Chapter One

Strategic Planning for Peak Performance, Service, and Profits
The SOPs Productivity Pyramid
Level 1: Mission and Objectives
Level 2: Teamwork
Level 3: The Service Cycle and the �Nine Moments of Truth

Chapter Two

Building Your Own SOPs Productivity Pyramid
Step 1: Read This Book
Step 2: Prep Questions
Step 3: Get Team Support
Step 4: Supplies
Step 5: Choose a Strategy
Step 6: Use Meetings and Work Sessions to Complete Each Level of the Pyramid
Step 7: Monitor Work Progress
Step 8: Support and Appreciate Your Team�s Efforts
Step 9: Assemble and Review the Final Product
Step 10: Reward Yourself and Your Teammates

Chapter Three

A SOP for SOP-Building
Standard Operating Procedure for Creating Your Own SOPs Manual
Getting Started
Session One: Present the Project to the Team
Session Two: Mission Statement and Objectives
Session Three: Teamwork
Session Four: Analyzing Your Service Cycle�The �Nine Moments of Truth�
Session Five: Divide and Conquer
Session Six: A SOPs Workshop
How to Write a SOP
Sample SOP Swap Label
SOPs Checklist
Session Seven: Another SOPs Workshop
Session Eight: Assembling Your Procedures Manual
Session Nine: Celebrate!

Mission Statement

Mission Statement Questionnaire
Sample Mission Statement
Desired Outcome Fulfills the Mission Statement  

Performance Agreements


Introduction and Instruction
General Front Office Assistant
Patient Treatment Coordinator
Task Inventory: Business Department

Standard Operating Procedures

Front Office SOPs Project Flow Sheet
Opening and Closing the Office
Morning Huddles
Answering the Telephone
New Patient Welcome Letters
Routine Patient Correspondence
Dealing With the Hostile Patient
Communicating with the Special Needs Patient
Greeting and Checking In Patients
Dental Benefits Eligibility Verification
Patient Dismissal
Walk-Out Statements
Collecting the Day of Treatment
Collecting and Authorizing Credit Card Payments
Managing Patient Finances
Making Collections a Team Approach
Pre-Determinations: Patient Notification
Operating Office Equipment
Cleaning the Reception Area
Office Supplies
Maintaining Patient Charts
Monitoring Production Goals
Chart Preparation
Patient Transfers and Records Release
X-Ray Duplication Request
Outgoing Mail
Confirming Appointments
Canceling and Rescheduling Recall Exam

Appointment Scheduling

Verbal Skills
Abbreviations Used in Scheduling
Crown and Bridge
Full and Partial Dentures
New Patient/Non-Emergency
Oral Sedation
Recementing Crown and Bridge
Managing Recall
Recall System Effectiveness
Recall and Treatment Control Cards
Chart Audit
Treatment Follow-Up


SOPs Worksheet
Practice Advisors and Vendors
Record Release
X-Ray Duplication Request
Authorizing for Credit Card Automatic Deductions
Treatment Estimate
Hygiene Information Forms
Medical History
Morning Huddle
Specialty Referral Form
New Patient Welcome Letter

As with the rest of the DENTAL SOPs Products, everything comes on either computer disk or is digitally downloadable for ultimate customization. Make your selection in the pull down menu below. 

For the hard copy we provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for the digital download of this product because of the editor's policy. We will, however,  resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable version you review all of the information regarding this product.

Dental Front Office SOPs

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