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SOPs Implementation Guide


The SOPs Implementation Video Guide

"The SOPs Implementation Video Guide" complements Standard Operating Procedures for Dentists by providing guidance at seven critical steps, to help enthuse, orient, and guide the staff in the preparation of the practice procedures manual. On it, Marsha Freeman, the SOPs book author, speaks.

The SOPs IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE is a boon to dentists eager to put their procedures manual together and use it but who don�t know how to get the process going...and for others who simply don�t have the time to think through and execute the leadership steps to make it become a reality.

The guide contains a straightforward seven-step process that Marsha Freeman prepared to give the SOPs process the guidance and direction an in-office consultant would provide, but at a much higher cost. A partial outline follows.

In essence, each of the seven segments (running from 6-16 minutes) can be shown to your staff, then followed by a working session. The segments explain what the staff is to do, why, and how it fits into the over-all project. Some fun and/or examples make that easier to envision...and, hopefully, more enjoyable to do!

The SOPs IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE particularly supplements and is in harmony with the opening three chapters of the SOPs book. It simply provides personal, purposeful contact with the book�s author, and injects additional spirit and direction into the process.

These are seven segments, each covering an objective:

(1) Welcome to Standard Operating Procedures, 11: Understanding the SOPs process as it relates to improved productivity, communication, patient service, and overall strategic planning.

(2) Teamwork through Diversity, 15: Improve team communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Appreciate and use the diversity of your team.

(3) The Nine Moments of Truth, 16: Learn how patients currently perceive your quality of service. Surpass their expectations by putting the "dazzle" back into how you do your daily tasks.

(4) Job Descriptions and Task Inventories, 9: Introduce criteria-based job descriptions and task inventories and explain how they tie into SOPs.

(5) Standard Operating Procedures, 10: Understand the structure of a SOP, how to edit or write from scratch, how to agree on SOP content, and how to assemble your SOPs book. Learn the EDIT process for writing SOPS: E(dit), D(elete), I(nsert), and T(eam Review).

(6) Standard Operating Procedures in Action, 14: Learn to use SOPs for staff meetings, problem solving, performance planning, and training. Monthly use and annual update.

(7) Celebration, 6: Learn how to recognize success. Use newsletter and the SOPs network.

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SOPs Implementation Guide

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