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Standard Operating Procedures For All Dentists, 5th Edition


Successful dental practices need a current operating standards manual in printed, easily accessible form so all involved can make the practice mission happen on a daily basis. That manual defines those goals and what each participant is expected to do, and how, to help reach them.

An operations manual must also be quickly customizable so that its contents can be changed in minutes to implement new policies and procedures.

Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists, now in its fifth edition, provides a 808-page, 314-SOP model manual that can be quickly adapted to your practice�s needs and style. It is divided into eight sections: Mission Statement, General Front Office, Bookkeeping and Data Entry, General Back Office, Hygiene, Management and Marketing, and Forms.  In addition to these SOPs for all dentists we also have specialized procedures for Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists,  Endodontists and Periodontists.

It couldn�t be easier: you read the book, identify a SOP, find its counterpart on the disk, rewrite the process the way you want it done in your practice, print it out, and insert it in your new manual! Working from a model saves you hundreds of hours of thought and typing!

There are specific times when a SOPs manual is critical: when the practice is new, when it moves to maturity, when a new associate or partner joins, when the practice is about to be sold�and every day in between!

What are the benefits of creating a procedures manual? It provides�

* A performance guide for fill-ins during vacation, staff turnover, or leaves of absence.
* A reference manual that speeds up on-the-job training.
* Less chaos and confusion when key, trained personnel abruptly leave.
* Legal protection: your processes defined in detail and in print.
* Written knowledge about who does what, where, when, why, and how.
* Written accountability crucial to effective performance evaluation.
* Consistency: the same function performed correctly time after time.
* Enhanced staff participation: people support what they help create.
* Less hunting for forms, information, supplies, and responses.
* A sense of unity around a set level of expectations and procedural means; a standard
   of care for every-body in the practice to actively pursue.

(5th edition)



Chapter One

The SOPs Productivity Pyramid
Level 1: Mission and Objectives
Level 2: Teamwork
Level 3: The Service Cycle and the �Nine Moments of Truth�


Chapter Two

Step 1: Read This Book
Step 2: Prep Questions
Step 3: Get Team Support
Step 4: Supplies
Step 5: Choose A Strategy
Step 6: Use Meetings and Work Sessions to Complete Each Level of the Pyramid
Step 7: Monitor Work Progress
Step 8: Support and Appreciate Your Team�s Efforts
Step 9: Assemble and Review the Final Product
Step 10: Reward Yourself and Your Teammates


Chapter Three

A SOP for SOP-Building
Standard Operating Procedure for Creating Your Own SOPs Manual
Getting Started
Session One: Present the Project to the Team
Session Two: Mission Statement and Objectives
Session Three: Teamwork
Session Four: Analyzing Your Service Cycle�the �Nine Moments of Truth�
Session Five: Divide and Conquer
Session Six: A SOPs Workshop
How to Write A SOP
Sample SOP Swap Label
SOPs Checklist
Session Seven: Another SOP Workshop!
Session Eight: Assembling Your Procedures Manual
Session Nine: Celebrate!


Section One

Mission Statement Questionnaire
Sample Mission Statement
Desired Outcome Fulfills the Mission Statement


Section Two

Performance Agreements
Introduction and Instruction
Dentist/Owner Job Description
Office Manager Job Description
General Front Office Assistant
Patient Treatment Coordinator
Hygiene Treatment Coordinator
Patient Account Administrator
General Back Office Assistant
Dental Assistant
Registered Dental Assistant
Registered Dental Hygienist
OSHA and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
Privacy Officer
Task Inventory: Business Department
Task Inventory: Clinical Department
Task Inventory: Hygiene Department
Task Inventory: Management


Section Three

Department Task List
Opening and Closing the Office
Morning Huddles
Answering the Telephone
New Patient Welcome Letters
Routine Patient Correspondence
Dealing With the Hostile Patient
Communicating with the Special Needs Patient
Greeting and Checking In Patients
Dental Benefits Eligibility Verification
Patient Dismissal
Walk-Out Statements
Collecting the Day of Treatment
Collecting and Authorizing Credit Card Payments
Managing Patient Finances
Making Collections a Team Approach
Pre-Determinations: Patient Notification
Operating Office Equipment
Cleaning the Reception Area
Office Supplies
Maintaining Patient Charts
Monitoring Production Goals
Chart Preparation
Patient Transfers and Records Release
X-Ray Duplication Request
Outgoing Mail
Confirming Appointments
Canceling and Rescheduling Recall Exam
Appointment Scheduling:
Verbal Skills
Abbreviations Used In Scheduling
Crown and Bridge
Full and Partial Dentures
New Patient / Non-Emergency
Oral Sedation
Recementing Crown and Bridge
Managing Recall
Recall System Effectiveness
Recall and Treatment Control Cards
Chart Audit
Treatment Follow-Up


Section Four

Department Task List
Financial Arrangements
Handling Patient Billing Questions
Data Entry:
Patient Accounts
Insurance Carriers
Insurance Matrix
Posting Charges and Payments
Processing Refunds
Non-Sufficient Funds Notice
Referring Accounts to Collection
Day-End Procedures
Month-End Procedures
Year-End Procedures
Patient Statements
Electronic Claims Submission
Paper Insurance Claims
Insurance Claim Follow-Up
Secondary Insurance Claims


Section Five

Department Task List
OSHA and the Back Office
Opening and Closing the Back Office
Greeting and Seating Patients by the Clinical Staff
Communicating With the Deaf Or Hearing-Impaired Patient Using Speech Reading
Managing Pediatric Patients
Special Words and Phrases for Kids
Patient Dismissal: Guidelines
Clinical Abbreviations and Terminology
Dental Equipment Setup
Nitrous Oxide
Pulse Oximeter
Basic Tray Setup
Cassette Tray Setups
Stocking Treatment Rooms
Dental X-Rays: Digital and Regular�Developing, Mounting, and Duplicating
Preparing Lab Cases
Ordering Dental Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, and Instruments
New Patient Examination
Initial Exam Write-up
Periodic Exam
Emergency / Trauma Exam
Emergency Office Visits for Children
TMJ Exam
Managing Medical Emergencies
Teeth Whitening / Bleaching
Alginate Impressions
Diagnostic Study Models
Working Models
Occlusal Bite Guards/Splits
Dental Dam Application
Class I and V Amalgam Restorations
Class II Amalgam Restorations
Anterior Composite Restorations
Posterior Composite Restorations
Glass Ionomer Restorations
Crown and Bridge Preparation
Veneer, Porcelain Jacket, Laminates, and Maryland Bridge Preparation
Cast Post Preparation
Stainless Steel Crowns
Provisional Crown Restorations
Pacheting Crown and Bridge
Crown and Bridge Delivery / Placement
Veneer, Porcelain Jacket, Laminates, and Maryland Bridge Delivery / Placement
Full and Partial Denture Impressions
Full and Partial Denture Try-In / Delivery
Full and Partial Denture Adjustments
Partial Denture Relines
Immediate Denture Delivery After Extraction
Denture Repair
Partial Repair: Broken Tooth or Clasp
Basic Oral Surgery
Root Canal Treatment
Radiological Safety and Regulatory Guidelines
Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
Nitrous Oxide Equipment: Inspection and Maintenance
Waste Segregation and Disposal
Laboratory Infection Control
Cleaning and Maintenance:
Treatment Room Collection Traps
Autoclave Sterilizer
Dry Heat Sterilizer
Statim� Sterilizer
Automatic X-Ray Processor
Dip Tanks
Quick Developer
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Impression Trays
Air Abrasion Unit


Section Six

Department Task List
Patient Care and Team Philosophy
Soft Tissue Management Program
Doctor and Hygienist Communication
Team Communication
Verbal Communication, Handouts, and Videos
Hygiene Infection Control
Processing Spore Strips
Reviewing Charts On the Hygiene Schedule
Hygiene Room Preparation
Treatment of the Dental Hygiene Patient
Oral Health Instructions
Fluoride Application
Adjunctive Treatments
Ultrasonic Debridement
Intra-Oral Photos
Post-Operative Calls to Patients
Additional Hygiene Procedures
Substitute Hygienist
Hygiene Equipment Maintenance
Stocking Hygiene Treatment Rooms


Section Seven

Department Task List
The Business of Dentistry
Leadership by Design Assessment
Personnel Management
Finding and Hiring the Right People
New Employee Orientation
Staff Evaluations and Performance Planning
Front Office Training Schedule
Back Office Training Schedule
Continuing Education
Convention Attendance
Team Systems:
Motivating Your Team
Creating a Team Agreement
Conflict Resolution
Inner-Office Memo System
Facilitating and Conducting Staff Meetings
12 Days of Christmas Staff Appreciation Program
Converting to a New Charting System
OSHA and Regulatory Compliance
Office Security Check List
Computer Operations: System Log-In and Back-Up
Monitoring Sheets
Managing Dental Supply Cash Flow
Saving on General Office Supplies
Choosing the Right Dental Lab
Office Layout: Diagrams
�Nine Moments of Truth�  Marketing Analysis
Conducting Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Dazzle Cards
Practice Information Portfolios
Gifts to Patients and Colleagues
Business, Life, and Disability Insurance for Doctor
Licensing and Other Requirements
Bi-Annual Fee Updates
HIPAA: Our Obligations:
HIPAA Compliance in the Dental Office
Communicating Privacy Practices to Our Patients
When an Authorization is Needed
Verification of Identity
Applying the Minimum Necessary Standard
Business Associate Agreements
Staff Training of Privacy Policies and Procedures
Discipline and Sanctions for Violations of Privacy Policies
Patient Complaints
Patient Rights: HIPAA
Right to Access
Request to Amend Record
Accounting for Disclosures
Disclosures Log
Request for Restrictions on Use or Disclosure
Request for Alternative / Confidential Communications
Data Safeguards: HIPAA
Summary of Computer Programs
Virus and Hacker Protections
Paper Records Handling and Storage


Section Eight

Authorization for Credit Card Automatic Deduction
Chart Audit and Treatment Status
Cleaning and Maintenance Checklists
Clinical Evaluation Sheet for Trauma
Daily Deposit Recap and Cash Recap Worksheets
Dental Supply, Pharmaceutical, and Instrument Order List
Emergency Telephone Slip
Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Master List
Gap Analysis
General Consent for Treatment
Hygiene Fee Information Forms
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Medical Clearance Letter
Medical History
Meeting Evaluation
Morning Huddle
New Patient/Non-Emergency Telephone Slip
Nine Moments of Truth
Patient Correspondence:
Apology for Extended Wait
Cavity Free Club
Great Patient Club
Inactive Patient Notice
New Patient Welcome Letter
Prophy Encouragement
Referral Thank You
Sorry to See You Go
Withdrawal From Care Notice
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Patient Transfer form
Performance Agreement Worksheet
Petty Cash Reconciliation Log and Worksheet
Please, Let�s�
Practice Advisors and Vendors
Prescription Request
Recall System Effectiveness Worksheet
Recap of Chart Audit
Record Release
Refusal of Treatment
Return to Work / School Note
Sample Memos
SOPs Worksheet
Specialty Referral form
Strategy and Goal Sheets
Team Survey
Treatment Estimate
X-Ray Duplication Request
X-Ray Liability Release

What�s in the box?

-Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists: 617-page 8 1/2 x 11� book in a three-ring binder (US standard configuration), with section tabs.
-Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists: complete text on CD, with each SOP as its own Microsoft Word file.
-Video Implementation Guide (DVD or VHS): 80-minute program divided into seven meetings (See below to order the manual and disc without the Video Guide).
-Unlimited permission to reproduce the contents of the book for in-house, noncommercial use.
-A money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied if returned within 30 days.

The fastest and most effective way to develop and implement your SOPs is by combining the Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists book (with disk) and the SOPs Implementation Video Guide.  Then gather your staff, view the video, and begin the process of converting the book�s model contents into your own practice procedures manual. Includes complete instructions, plus 314 ready-to-use SOPs that can be quickly rewritten to describe the way you want your practice to function. With SOPs, you will also be significantly increasing your practice�s value for resale! And reduce your own stress... Please click here for a sample chapter.

Standard Operating Procedures For All Dentists, 5th Edition


$369.00 $349.00 On Sale!

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