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About Us

Our Portfolio of Businesses

4expertise.com has been serving the needs of small to mid-sized businesses online since 1991. Since that time we have served thousands of satisfied customers. While we have over 3000 products from job descriptions to procedure manuals. Our firm is in a unique position to monitor and stay ahead of the changing needs of businesses through our network of proprietary sites.

www.smallbusinessforum.com - With access to close to 10,000 small business owners we are able to draw upon their collective wisdom and insights to develop new products to solve their most pressing needs. We also have a Consultant Advisory Board which consists of some of the leading consultants in the industry. We use this group as a sounding board to discuss current issues, challenges and product development ideas.

www.industryeye.com - Using our proprietary database we constantly monitor and evaluate industry trends and financial benchmarks.

www.researchfranchises.com - Franchises represent a significant number of all small businesses throughout the world. At Research Franchises we monitor movements within the franchise industry.

Global Network - Very few products that we develop are done internally, rather, we hire independent consultants who are leaders in their respective fields. Using this approach, over the years, has allowed us to develop a global network of industry and product specialists who we call upon to regularly develop our proprietary line of solutions.

Our Mission
Helping small to midsize businesses create and sustain a competitive advantage

Our Principles
At 4expertise.com we have an unrelenting passion to exceed client expectations at every turn. This pursuit of excellence is an ongoing ambition that involves a handful of core principles that guide our every action:

Improve our Client's Performance Significantly
We aim to help businesses make significant improvements to their overall performance by tackling their most challenging issues. We do so by providing tools, resources and knowledge that provides our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Adhere to the Highest Professional Standards
Our reputation is our most important asset. We uphold and engage in ethical behavior in all circumstances. We do the right thing with conviction, candor, compassion and courage. Integrity is our highest ideal, which we implement each day through our actions and honest communication.

Business People with Consulting Knowledge
We are business people first, we look through the lense of a CEO to create tools and solutions. We believe that our business experience coupled with our consulting background allows us to develop practical solutions and actionable advice.

Our Managing Partners

Scott Brogan
Prior to establishing 4expertise.com, Scott held several roles at leading financial institutions including the head of a national sales force, product development and marketing. His last position was the Managing Director of Corporate Development for one of the largest money management firms in the world, which at the time, managed over $400 billion in assets. In this role, Scott was responsible for the firm's strategic planning, global relationship management and mergers and acquisitions. Scott has been helping internal clients and consulting for over 20 years.

Scott has an undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts and a MBA from Suffolk University

Bernadette Brogan
Bernadette started her career in operations and has held senior level management positions in customer service, training and project management. Bernadette was an early internet pioneer and bought her first firm in 1997. Since that time she has bought and sold several internet related companies and has developed many of the sites in our portfolio. Bernadette has been an entrepreneur and consultant for over 10 years.

Bernadette has an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and a graduate degree from Boston College.

Our Partners
Very few of the products that we develop are done internally, rather we hire independent consultants who are leaders in their respective fields. This approach, over the years, has allowed us to develop a global network of industry and product specialists who we call upon regularly to develop our proprietary line of business solutions.