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Sister Eulogies

The Most Efficient and Effective Way of Developing a Eulogy that Honors Your Sister

If you are coping with your own grief. If you feel a heavy burden of responsibility to make sure you say the right things or you may feel you do not have enough time to put together a eulogy that properly honors the one you love. This package is for you. These eulogies are specifically written to honor your sister. Do not waste your time scouring the internet trying to find something appropriate for your sister or looking at generic eulogies and trying to make them fit - we have everything you need right here!!!


We have saved you countless hours of work by putting everything you need into one package saving you time and money. Look at what you get with this package:

#1- 5 eulogies custom written for a brother or sister to share loving thoughts about their sister.

These eulogies have been prepared by professional speechwriters who know how to move and strike the right chord with the audience. Most of our competition just provides you with generic eulogies. All of our eulogies are written with a specific person in mind. This will save you a considerable amount of time and effort trying to adapt a eulogy written for a different person. We do however, acknowledge that once you have a foundation there is value in looking at other examples. That's why we provide you literally thousands of ideas, suggestions and examples to help you personalize the eulogy.

This is the only package that you will need - read more about the most effective and efficient way of developing a eulogy package.

#2 - Ideas for formatting, developing and delivering a eulogy

Writing and giving a eulogy is a way of saying farewell to someone who has died that, in a sense, brings the person to life in the minds of the audience. For some people, the opportunity to speak during the funeral service about the person they knew is a welcome one. But even if you�re used to speaking in public, finding words to say can be difficult because of the special circumstances involved with a funeral.

You may be coping with your own grief. You may feel a heavy burden of responsibility to make sure you say the right things. For those of you that do not enjoy speaking in public this adds yet another element � fear - into an already emotional period in your life.

What do I say?
How long do I talk for?
What are the right things to say and what are the wrong things to say?
What happens if I break down?
How do I appropriately honor this person?

This particular book was written to help non-professional speakers deliver a thoughtful and moving eulogy. We recognize that this type of speech is very difficult, very unique and very meaningful. It is your chance to think about and express the value of the life that was lived. We also recognize that you are under severe time constraints, so we have spent countless hours researching appropriate content ideas and speeches that will allow you to have more time with your loved ones.

In this book you will get outline ideas, content used in other eulogies, tips, and strategies specifically designed to help you quickly prepare a memorable eulogy. Although this book is over 100 pages long and covers every facet of developing and delivering a eulogy, it was not designed for you to read through the whole book. Our goals was to have one book, one resource that you could turn to - because you do not have much time. While you may feel comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people, you may not be comfortable how to structure a eulogy and the protocols that are usually followed. You may know what you are going to say, but is it appropriately organized, is it the right length, will your audience remember this day, your words and the loved one?

This book has over 113 pages. It was designed to cover the full spectrum of developing and giving a eulogy, the book covers:
- Fast track techniques for developing your eulogy
- Eulogy protocols for time and tone
- What you should do if there are multiple speakers at a funeral
- Professional writing brainstorming techniques for coming up with ideas for the eulogy
- 4 of the most popular ways to structure a eulogy
- 12 techniques for reducing your anxiety
- Over 100 carefully selected poems, anecdotes, quotes, religious references and much more.


Access Over 30,000 Additional Ideas for Your Eulogy !!!

With a purchase of this package you will receive a free silver membership to Podium Notes� speech content database � a $25 value. There is over 30,000 quotes, speeches, anecdotes, proverbs and much more available 24 hours a day. Access the tool that professional speechwriters around the world use to engage and move an audience.

No more wasted time, no more hassle

- No need to search hundreds of sites to find what you are looking for
- No frustrating pop-up ads trying to sell you things you do not need or want
- No need to use separate resources for eulogies, anecdotes, quotes and other content

Content that is screened for relevancy and impact

All of the information in the database goes through three different screens. First, our experts review the information. Our goal is to use only content we believe will resonate and strike the right chord with an audience. Second, members rank the content so you can search and view the ratings results. Finally, you can select any type of content and add it to your personal favorite list. If you do not see one of your favorite quotes or content pieces on the site you can add it yourself.

Searching for content has never been easier and you find what you want

This website is a speech research search engine.

Looking for a quote about love? Not every quote about love has the word love in the quote. Not every anecdote about dealing with grief has "grief" in the anecdote. Podium Notes has keywords associated with each content item that helps describe the content � this helps provide you with richer content material that is not found in other sites.

�This tool was invaluable for finding the right phrase or quote for my eulogy it saved me countless hours because I could research it on one research screen.� Jodie Kidd

�I wish truly I found this site earlier it would of saved me a lot of time - the ability to search for very specific terms is incredible.� Patrick, Dayton, OH

�I was in a real bind, I had to put a eulogy together quickly, I could not have done it without this resource. Thanks again!!!� June Frederick

We are confident once you use our system � you will find it is the most comprehensive database available anywhere and we are offering it to you for Free with every purchase.

We have searched history for some of the most memorable eulogies ever written and have selected 25 of them. Use them to draw inspiration for your eulogy.

Let�s recap what is included in this comprehensive eulogy package:

5 eulogies for your sister
A book that contains tips and strategies for delivering a memorable eulogy
100's of example eulogy quotes, anecdotes, poems and other content ideas
27 eulogy excerpts that can be used for a variety of settings
25 of the most memorable eulogies written

Still not convinced that this is not the only resource you will need to deliver a eulogy? Don't worry, we have a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy. If you are unhappy for any reason with your purchase, we will refund 100% of your money!!!

When you purchase this item, you will be sent a download link immediately. Once you download the document, you can paste relevant parts into any word processing system.

Scott Brogan has been writing speeches and presentations for over 20 years. He has published numerous articles on public speaking and three books. He is also the founder of www.podiumnotes.com a website that contains tips, strategies, content and ideas for your next speech or eulogy- Your Virtual
Cyrano de Bergerac!

Sister Eulogies


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