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Mind Manager 9 for Windows (Download)

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MindManager information maps provide an intuitive visual framework that fosters clarity, innovative thinking & communication to improve business results.

How it works:

You create maps in MindManager by starting with a central theme or goal. Then provide more detail by adding subtopics with notes, images, tasks, hyperlinks & attachments containing related ideas & information.

Accomplish More, Faster

  • Clearly align & organize your ideas, information & strategies in ways that increase your productivity.
  • See the big picture & all the relevant details, uncover hidden connections & reveal new opportunities.
Ensure Project Success
  • Achieve active participation in project planning & goal setting to fully engage the project team.
  • Create more realistic plans & schedules by mapping out your tasks, optimizing resource assignments & defining dependencies and timelines.
Communicate More Effectively
  • Organize & present everything in a visual context to ensure clear understanding & dramatically improve retention.
  • Share your ideas, plans, vision & research by publishing maps in the most widely used formats.


Industry-Leading Information Visualizations
Easily lay out, organize & work with ideas & information in a wide variety of interactive visual formats, including information maps, outlines, Gantt charts, organization charts, tree diagrams & a special brainstorming mode.

Project & Task Management
Quickly brainstorm tasks, automatically calculate summary tasks & optimize resource utilization. View MindManager, Outlook & SharePoint* tasks in the synchronized Gantt view or export tasks to Microsoft Project.

Information Map Presentations
Showcase your ideas & increase engagement using MindManager’s automated presentation view or customizable slide shows. With MindManager’s dynamic presentations, you’ll easily tailor the level of details presented for each audience & capture critical feedback right in the presentation.

Integration & Sharing
Save time with powerful integrations. Import from Microsoft Word & Project. Export to Word, Project, or PowerPoint. Display dynamic Outlook or Excel content. Export web pages, images, PDF files & more. Or, share hosted interactive map files with anyone on the web even if they do not have MindManager.

Capture Content & Add Context
Easily add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, images & spreadsheets to provide additional levels of details. Quickly drag & drop content to reorganize it & provide structure. Use icons, tags, topic shapes, callouts, boundaries, colors, topic sorting & numbering to provide additional context.

Dynamic Content
See everything in context with dynamic Microsoft Outlook dashboards to display & update relevant emails, tasks, contacts, notes & appointments. Populate branches with desktop or network folders & files for easy access. Or, perform Google or Bing web searches with results appearing directly in your map.

Navigation & Viewing Controls
Easily navigate & control the levels of details displayed with powerful features like topic focus, show or hide branch, collapse map, quick & power filters & more... Automatically fit or balance your map within the screen or use the mini-map view to navigate large maps.

This is for a single user license and is in downloadable format. Please contact us if you wish to get prices on licenses for more than 1 user or have a previous version of the software and wish to get an upgrade.  You are also eligible for our FREE gift for 2000 business tools with this purchase!  

Mind Manager 9 for Windows (Download)

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