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Human Resources Policies and Procedures

This manual has everything you need to jump start the documentation of your HR procedures and policies.  Just edit these documents in your word processing program to suit your organization and you are done!  This manual is over 400 pages and  includes , 62 policies and other HR tools,  20 job descriptions, 43 agreements, and a sample employee and supervisor HR handbook.

All small businesses must staff their operations. This involves bringing new people into the business and making sure they are productive additions to the enterprise. Effective human resource management matches and develops the abilities of job candidates and employees with the needs of the firm. A responsive personnel system will assist you in this process and is a key ingredient for growth.

Human resource management is a balancing act. At one extreme, you hire only qualified people who are well suited to the firm's needs. At the other extreme, you train and develop employees to meet the firm's needs. Most expanding small businesses fall between the two extremes i.e., they hire the best people they can find and afford, and they also recognize the need to train and develop both current and new employees as the firm grows.

The first section of this publication explains how to hire and train the right people and addresses the characteristics of an effective personnel system, such as:

-Assessing personnel needs.
-Recruiting personnel.
-Screening personnel.
-Selecting and hiring personnel.
-Orienting new employees to the business.
-Deciding compensation issues.

The second section of this publication addresses the training and development side of human resource management. The third section discusses how the personnel system and the training and development functions come together to build employee trust and Productivity. These three sections stress the importance of a good human resource management climate and provide specific guidelines for creating such a climate.

Our manuals contain the following:

Why Do You Need Policies and Procedures?
Basic Purpose of Policy
Policies Must Be Workable
Who Will Use Your Policies? � Count Your Audiences
Audience Groups
Audience and Policy Content
Policies versus Procedures
How to Start Writing Your Policy Topics
Review Policies Contained in This Manual
Review Existing Policies
Prioritizing Policy Topics
Policy Development Process
Development Approach
Development Process Maturity
Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up
Current Practice Versus Preferred Future
Policy Development Team
Primary Involvement
Secondary Involvement
Policy Development Lifecycle
Senior Management Buy-in
Determine a Compliance Grace Period
Determine Resource Involvement
Interview Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
Write Initial Draft
Policy Document Outline
Roles and Responsibilities
Sanctions and Violations
Revisions and Updating Schedule
Contact information
Style Considerations
Review Cycles
Draft Review
Review with Additional Stakeholders
Communication Strategy
Develop Communication Strategy
Activate Communication Strategy
Regularly Review and Update

Developing a Responsive Personnel System
Assessing Personnel Needs
Job Analysis
Job Description.
Job Specification
Sources of Employees
Selecting and Hiring
Orienting New Employees to Your Business
Compensation Issues
Direct Compensation
Indirect Compensation
Cafeteria Planning

Employee Training & Development
An Effective Training Program
Purpose of Training and Development
The Training Process
Identifying Training Needs
Selection of Trainees
Training Goals
Training Methods.
Personnel rules and regulations
Training Administration
Evaluation of Training

Building Employee Trust & Productivity
The Legal Environment
The Personnel Manager

Handbook Samples
Supervisor Handbook
Employee Handbook
Absence Policy (Sample 1)
Absence Policy (Sample 2)
Weekly Absence Record
Acceptable Email Policy
Acceptable Internet Use Policy
Accident & Incident Reporting Policy & Procedure
Company Policy on AIDS
Individual Daily Time Sheet
Individual Weekly Time Sheet
Bi-Weekly Time Sheet
Group Payroll Record (Sample 1)
Group Payroll Record (Sample 2)
Overtime Help: Regular Rate Checklists and Policy Guidance
Bomb Threat Procedures
Policies & Procedures For Claims Handling
Code of Conduct, Confidentiality & Sponsorship
Code of Conduct & Public Accountability
Company Paid Time Off Status
Compensation Chart
Health Insurance Coverage Continuation Letter
Handling, Storage, Collection & Disposal of Confidential Paper Waste
Drug Testing Policy (Sample 1)
Drug Testing Policy (Sample 2)
Fire Safety Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Use of Hand Held Mobile Phones Policy
Holiday/Vacation Policy
Hospitality Policy
Health & Safety at Work Policy Statement
Privacy Policy (Sample 1)
Privacy Policy (Sample 2)
Return Goods Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
Workplace Safety Rules
Program of Delegation
Sexual Harassment Policy  (Sample 1)
Sexual Harassment Policy (Sample 2)
Sick Policy Letter
Smoking Policy
Adverse Incident and Serious Untoward Incident Policy
Policy and Procedures for Telecommuting
Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy
Workplace Safety Policy
Profit Sharing Plan for Self-Employed Individuals
Simplified Employee Pension Plan
Checklists for Handling Workers� Compensation Claims
Demographic Analysis Work Sheet
Demographic Comparison Work Sheet
Demotion Memorandum Format
Employee Performance Bonus Allocation Model
Job Analysis
Job Analysis Checklists
Job Description.
Job Description Format
Job Requirements Checklist
Pay Schedule
Projected Staff Scheduling
Quarterly Payroll Record/Wages
Temporary Help Screening Worksheet
Personal Vital Record Keeper

Human Resources Agreements & Forms
Acknowledged Resignation
Applicant Information Release
Applicant Rejection
Application Acknowledgment
Application for Employment
Disciplinary Notice
Disciplinary Notice of Suspension
Discipline Documentation Form
Drug Testing Consent Form
Educational Record Check
Employee Attendance Record
Employee Benefits Survey
Employee Discipline Report Written Warning
Employee Expenditure Authorization
Employee Grievance Form
Employee Invention Agreement
Employee Inventory/Asset Purchase Form
Employee Non-Compete Agreement (Specific Locations)
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Nondisclosure Agreement
Employee Performance Review
Employee Personnel Appraisal Form
Employee Review System
Ten Steps for Giving Feedback
Job Announcement
Employment Application Form
Employment Reference Release
Employment Reference Check
Employment Reference Phone Script
Personal Reference Check
Job Applicant Interview Script
Employees� and Directors� Equity Incentive Plan
Stock Options
Employment Agreement with Independent Contract (General Form)
Employment Disciplinary Notice
Employment Agreement
Employment Agreement
Personnel Notice Change
Personnel Requisition
Preliminary Job Description Questionnaire
Record of Counseling/Verbal Reprimand
Unclassified Employee Annual Self Review
Unclassified Employee Performance Management

Job Descriptions
Vice President of Human Resources
Human Resources Manager/Director
Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Officer
Human Resource Specialist
Human Resource Specialist, Assistant
Human Resource Specialist, Senior
Human Resource Supervisor, DHR
Job Development Specialist
Job Service Area Manager
Job Service Assistant Manager
Job Service Consultant
Job Service Consultant, Senior
Job Service Field Services Manager
Job Service Supervisor
Personnel Director
Personnel Manager
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Technician
Personnel/Payroll Supervisor

Sample of Some Reviews
Thanks for all your hard work it made my work easy.  Allison Vinson, Tool Tech

I am new to the HR role and we are trying to grow it and make it more professional than it has been in the past your product was a great help.  Rachel Dole, HR Manager

What I liked about the product is that it contained a number of tools, not just policies that helped my HR department.  The tools that we are not using today we will likely use tomorrow.  Thanks it was a good value relative to other products that are available out there.  Keith Stellar, HR Office, Frederick Business Services

Fast, that's all I can say we got it done quickly and efficiently because we were just modifying existing documents.  Tom Schultz, Allied Partners

Don't forget all you receive with this Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual:
-Over 400 pages of documentation
-62 prewritten policies
-20 job descriptions
-63 HR agreements
-A best practices manual

The manual is available in download or hardcopy versions.  Both versions are easily customizable in your word processing program.  The hard copy comes with a binder and a CD ROM. Why wait, we offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return the manual to us within 30 days from the date of the purchase and we will provide you a full refund.

Please click here for a sample chapter.




Human Resources Policies and Procedures


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