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Human Resource Performance Tool - Downloadable

Do you have a proven and objective process for evaluating candidates for positions in your firm? When was the last time you analyzed your performance appraisals to make sure they were consistent with your strategies? Can your candidate screening process be improved? Have you analyzed all the different functions in your organization and looked for redundancies?

Peak Strategy�s HR Performance tool can do all of this for you! 

Proven Process

Peak Strategy brings you through a 10 step process using a best practice approach towards human resource management.  This comes with close to 70 pages of examples, tools and forms to help make the process easy. 

Step 1: Create the Organization Matrix for the Existing System
Step 2: Develop the New Organization Chart
Step 3: Begin to Modify the Organization Matrix
Step 4: Begin to Develop the Performance Criteria Matrix
Step 5: Show the Organization Matrix to the Client
Step 6: Create Draft Job Descriptions
Step 7: Review & Present Job Descriptions
Step 8: Position Competencies
Step 9: Employee Evaluations and Goal Setting Procedures
Step 10: Hiring for Success

Excel Companion Worksheets

Along with the book we provide you 7 spreadsheets to walk you through each step in the process.  These spreadsheets will improve the professional look of your project and save you many hours.  Below is a brief description of each:

Organizational Matrix: Over 1000 different examples of typical functions and responsibilities

Organizational Chart:  Sample organizational chart built on Excel which can be easily modified and kept with the project files

Performance Criteria:  Sample performance criteria for typical positions at a company

Financial Reports:  Typical financial report matrix with frequency, source and other information

Sales Rep. Matrix\Customer Service Rep.:  Two examples of how to build a Candidate rating and pre-screening matrix

Implementation Plan:  Implementation plan with the critical dates and objectives necessary for going through the 10 steps.

Typical HR Challenges

- Outdated job descriptions:  Lean how to make them relevant and meaningful to the employee
- Way too many applicants for a position:  Use the pre-screening tools
- Workforce is expanding/contracting:  Use the Organization Matrix Worksheet to evaluate functions and responsibilities
- Evaluation process is more subjective than objective:  Use the position competencies exercise to help remove subjectivity in the process
- Some of the new hires are not working out:  Use the competency assessment questions during the interview process and rank the candidates objectively

Sample Reports

View a sample of some of the reports.

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Human Resource Performance Tool - Downloadable


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