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Client Reporting - Downloadable

Many consultants do a great job at consulting with the client but they often fall short when presenting their findings or providing status reports.  Many consultants spend all of their time analyzing the information and not enough time presenting the information and data in a logical and professional manner.  With this reports package we saved you time and money by providing you with reporting formats and pre-designed slides that are easily adaptable to your practice.

Power Point Slides

We have assembled over 40 power point slides that you can use to help you create a winning presentation.  These slides are professional built and contain rich graphics and formatting.  So whether you are making a proposal to the client or giving a progress report we have done the work for you!  Just fill in your information and data and you are on your way.

View Power Point slides

Word Documents

Sometimes you will be giving a weekly update, other times you will be providing detailed final recommendations.  That's why we have included two different types of reports already preformatted and ready for your text.  In addition, after you send your final report, it is important to send out a client satisfaction survey which we have included as a FREE bonus.  It demonstrates to the client that you are continuously looking to improve and brings a level of professionalism typically not seen by other independent consultants. 

View sample update report


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Client Reporting - Downloadable