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Business Planning Book - Downloadable

Plan for Success!

Can you think of a more important business document to write?  Whether you are starting a new business, restructuring an existing business or are looking for investors, your business will not thrive in this competitive environment without a well written business strategy.

Do you find the process of writing a business plan overwhelming?  Do you need a fresh look at an existing business plan?  Does the plan need to be prepared for investors or to obtain a loan from a third party?  You can join the hundreds of customers that have used our business planning process to successfully grow their business.  We have combined a 70 page book with all the financial templates you need to create a comprehensive, engaging and successful business plan.

Peak Strategy's Business Planning Book Overview 

Proven Template
We used best in class practices developing this book and over the years we have refined and perfected the model.  You will now join the hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners that have had success attracting investors, getting loans and growing their business by using this model. 

We Make is Easy
Our step-by-step planning process will enable you to organize your industry expertise into a working business plan that will attract capital and ensure success.

We Save You Time
We have spent hundreds of hours researching the topic, refining the model and building the financial tools to help save you time.

We Help You Create a Professional Looking Document
We offer you 6 different cover pages, a well thought out order for your plan and preformatted documents and financial spreadsheets.

We Help Customize Your Plan for Your Industry
Don�t make the mistake of just editing an existing business plan (although we show you where to find them to get ideas) � investors have seen them before!  We provide you thought provoking questions, background information, research tools, and financial spreadsheets that allow you to easily adapt them for your industry.

What will you find in the book?
- Links to 20 resources you can�t develop a business plan without
- Access to hundreds of pre-written business plans
- A companion business planning excel workbook with the following spreadsheets integrated into the model:
   24 month and 5 year sales forecast
   24 month and 5 year pro-forma income statements
   24 month and 5 year cash budgets
   5 year pro-former balance sheet
   Financial ratios
- An executive summary designed to engage and keep the interest of the reader
- Innovative strategies that will keep you ahead of the competition

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Type of Business
Company or Business Summary
Financial Objectives
Management Overview
Products and Services
Funds Requested (optional)
Use of proceeds (optional)
Exit (optional)

Company Background
Business History
Growth and Financial Objectives
Legal Structure
Company Location and Facilities
Plans for Financing the Business
Developing an Exit Strategy
Developing an Exit Strategy Is the Secret
Financing Your Business
Dealing with Legal and Tax Issues
Making Decisions Based on Your Exit Strategy

Key Team Members
Management Team
Organizational Structure
Other Key Employees
Principal Stockholders

Market Analysis
Industry Analysis
Target Market
Market Segmentation
Major Competitors and Participants
Projected Market Growth and Market Share Objectives

Product and Service Offering
Product and Service Uniqueness
Product and Service Descriptions
Competitive Comparisons
Research and Development
Patents and Trademarks

Manufacturing or Production Plan (optional)
Current Plant Production and Capacity
Production Issues
Quality Control
Labor Force



E-Commerce Infrastructure
E-Commerce Objectives
Web Site

Marketing Plan
Creating and Maintaining Customers
Goals of Your Marketing Strategy
Marketing Mix
Product Positioning Strategy
Product Pricing Strategy
Place (Distribution) Strategy
Promotional Strategy

Financial Plan and Analysis
Developing Financial Assumptions
Start-Up Costs
Financial Highlights
5-Year Income Statement
5-Year Balance Sheet
Cash Budgets
Break-Even Analysis
Supplemental Worksheets

Putting on the Finishing Touches
Cover Page
Binding and Cover
Table of Contents

Supporting Documents
Personal Resumes
Owner�s Financial Statement
Credit Reports
Copies of Leases
Letters of Reference
Demographic Studies

Keeping Your Business Plan Up-to-Date
Revising Your Business Plan
Changes within the Company
Changes Originating with the Customer
Technological Changes
Implementing Changes in Your Business Plan
Anticipating Your Problems
Don t Fall into the Trap!
Do Remember to Revise Your Plan Often

Consumer Information
Company Information
Competitive Analysis
Industry Information
Country Information
Economic Environment
Entrepreneur Resources
Legal Environment
Legislative and Regulatory Environments
Free Sample Business Plans

What are Some of Our Customers Saying?

I dreaded updating our plan.  I usually did the first draft and sent it around for a review before we met on it.  I decided to take a different approach and bought this package and totally revamped the plan, using the process and questions provided.  I got a great response from senior management.  Thanks.  Cali Hunter, Hunter & Segal  

I have read many business books on business planning but because this is already in MS Word, I was able to use the formatting which saved me a lot of time and the questions they asked to prompt some thoughts was invaluable.  You can tell whoever wrote this book had a lot of practical experience.  John Sumpter, CFO

This made writing the business plan easy and methodical.  Fred Nester, CEO Company Design

I had written business plans before but never for outside investors, this book helped me look at the business plan from their perspective which was invaluable.  Also the section on the exit strategy was worth the price alone.  Thanks again.  Scott Fuller, Aveon Technologies

About the Author - Scott Brogan

Scott held several roles at leading financial institutions including the head of a national sales force, product development and marketing.  His last position was the Managing Director of Corporate Development for one of the largest money management firms in the world, which at the time, managed over $400 billion in assets.  In this role, Scott was responsible for the firm's strategic planning, global relationship management and mergers and acquisitions. 

Since that time Scott has been consulting with small to mid size businesses and developing leading business websites and tools for improving business performance.  Below are some of the companies developed and owned by Scott:

Peak Strategy�s mission is to help consulting practices create and sustain a competitive advantage.  It is also the parent company of a portfolio of websites focusing on business owners and entrepreneurs.

Peak Strategy has an unrelenting focus on the issues that keep business owners and consultants awake at night. We use our business owner community, industry research, and franchise data as the foundation of all of our offerings. Our proprietary network of sites provides us with unique insight into the needs of small and midsized business owners - With access to thousands of small business owners we are able to draw upon their collective wisdom and insights to improve our business planning products. We use this group as a sounding board to discuss current issues, challenges and product development ideas. - Since 1991 we have been offering over 3000 products for sale to businesses and consultants.  We have drawn upon these resources to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to develop a successful business plan. - A searchable database of thousands of quotes, anecdotes, trivia, poems, speeches and other content that can be used in business speeches.  You virtual Cyrano de Bergerac! - Using our proprietary database we constantly monitor and evaluate industry trends and financial benchmarks.  We have leveraged these analytical tools and database for this product. - Franchises represent a significant number of all small businesses throughout the world.  At Research Franchises we monitor movements within the franchise industry, gaining keen insight into the tactics and strategies of Franchisors.

Global Network - Very few products that we develop are done internally, rather, we hire independent consultants who are leaders in their respective fields.  Using this approach, over the years, has allowed us to develop a global network of industry and product specialists who we call upon to regularly develop our proprietary line of solutions. 

Having experience with a wide range of  business sites allows us to bring deep, pragmatic business know-how across multiple disciplines.  The approach we used in developing the Peak Strategy�s Business Planning Book is processed based. We have adapted strategic planning models and processes used by large firms for today�s small and midsized businesses.  We also included some of the best planning tools from our suite of over 3000 products to provide you with one of the most comprehensive business planning guides in the world.

FREE Bonus Products

We have added two additional products with every purchase:
- 6 professionally designed cover sheets to attract the attention of potential investors and senior management
- A professionally designed powerpoint presentation specifically designed for presenting the business plan that includes pre-built charts, graphics and presentation flow.

Money Back Guarantee  

We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with the product we offer a 30 day no risk money back guarantee. 

Business Planning Book - Downloadable

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