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Accounting Policies and Procedures


Accounting Policies & Procedures

DOWNLOAD ONLY! Included in this product is an introduction to accounting basics, a complete accounting manual that describes your Accounting Management System, 38 supporting accounting procedures that cover over 150 accounting activities, 54 supporting accounting forms, a FREE guide to embezzlement prevention, and a detailed keyword index to all of the procedures.

Take advantage of this outstanding package with over 600 pages of information. Think of the savings of time and money compared to writing it yourself.

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Fast Accounting Procedures for Control and Compliance

Now you can quickly protect and control your business assets with easily editable accounting policies and procedures.

Its writers include experienced auditors, CPAs and business policies and procedures experts. Customization is easy as all content is available as editable MS Word files.

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance

The Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual can help you establish a strong internal control system to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404.

With these prewritten accounting procedure statements, you will learn how to improve accounting department controls for Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance, how to improve the performance of business finance and credit, how to manage shipping, purchasing and receiving, and how to manage cash operations.

Quick Financial Controls

Defining credit policy, financial controls, or other accounting procedures for compliance in your organization is easy with this prewritten guide. It includes accounting procedures and forms to quickly put financial controls in place within your organization.

The new Accounting Manual views the information from the CFO or Controller's perspective of producing internal controls for the various "cycles" that occur within a business. It includes cycles for revenue, purchasing, inventory & assets, cash, general & administrative (including taxes & insurance), and a FREE security section on how to prevent embezzlement. But that's not all...

The new Accounting Manual also includes updates to reflect changes in Federal Laws along with a greater focus on the concerns of small to medium sized business. Not to mention more emphasis on computerized accounting systems. After all, isn't everybody computerized now?

Act now and start using the easiest, most inexpensive way to produce internal controls for your business. Save yourself time to research, format, and write up "best practices" for common business cycles that every business has. Your order will include

New Accounting Manual Highlights:

-New Sample Accounting Manual to introduce the content and provide a framework in which to use the material. The new Accounting Manual format views the information from the perspective of producing internal controls for the various cycles that occur within a business.
-New Revision History, responsibilities and definitions to most procedures. In addition, new background explanations have been added to explain the theory behind some of the procedures.
-New updated content to reflect current changes in Federal Laws or business practices for a small to mid-sized business.
-New rewrite of some business procedures to reflect a general business operation that utilizes computerized accounting systems.
-FREE guide to Embezzlement Prevention

A Sample Accounting Manual

Accounting Cycles for:

-General & Administrative
-Inventory & Assets

FREE Bonus Section

-Embezzlement Prevention

Your 38 Prewritten and Editable Accounting Procedures Include:

Cash Accounting Procedures

-Control Cash Drawers And Credit Cards
-Control Cash Receipts And Deposits
-Manage Problem Checks
-Manage Wire Transfers
-Control Check Signing Authority
-Manage Check Requests
-Manage Bank Account Reconciliations

General & Administrative Accounting Procedures

-Manage Chart of Accounts
-Control Files And Records Management
-Manage Travel And Entertainment
-Control Management Reports
-Control Period-End Review & Closing
-Manage Controlling Legal Costs
-Manage Taxes And Insurance
-Control Property Tax Assessments
-Manage Confidential Information Release
-Control Documents

Inventory & Assets Accounting Procedures

-Manage Inventory Control
-Manage Inventory Counts
-Manage Fixed Asset Control
-Manage Customer Property
-Control Fixed Asset Capitalization & Depreciation

Purchasing Accounting Procedures

-Control Vendor Selection
-Manage General Purchasing
-Manage Project Purchasing
-Control Receiving And Inspection
-Manage Shipping And Freight Claims
-Control Accounts Payable And Cash Disbursements

Revenue Accounting Procedures

-Control Point-Of-Sale Orders
-Manage Sales Order Entry
-Manage Sales Order Acceptance
-Control Customer Credit Approval And Terms
-Manage Shipment Of Goods
-Control Invoicing And Accounts Receivable
-Manage Progress Billing
-Manage Sales Tax Collection
-Manage Account Collections
-Control Customer Returns

Your 54 prewritten MS-WORD Accounting Forms include:

-Sample Account Codes
-Account Collection Control Form
-Accounts Receivable Write-Off Authorization
-Asset Disposition Form
-Bad Check Notice
-Bank Wire Instructions
-Bill Of Sale
-Budget vs. Actual Report
-Capital Asset Requisition
-Check Request
-Check Signing Authority Log
-Commercial Invoice
-Credit Application
-Credit Inquiry
-Daily Cash Report
-Daily Flash Report
-Daily Sundry Payable Log
-Department Reporting Summary
-Deposit Log
-Document Change Control
-Entertainment And Business Gift Expense Report
-Financial Statements
-Inventory Count Sheet
-Inventory Inspection Levels
-Inventory Requisition
-Inventory Tag
-Sample Invoice
-Master File Guide Index
-Material Return Notice
-New Vendor Notification
-Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Order And Arrival Log
-Order Form
-Phone Confirmation Checklist
-Purchase Order
-Purchase Order Follow-Up
-Purchase Order Log
-Purchase Requisition
-Receiving and Inspection Report
-Receiving Log
-Records Retention Periods
-Request For Credit Approval
-Request For Document Change
-Returned Goods Authorization
-Sample Sales Order
-Sample Bank And Book Balances Reconciliation
-Shipping Log
-Tax Calendar of Recurring Monthly Dates
-Travel And Miscellaneous Expense Report
-Travel Arrangements Form
-Vendor Survey Form
-Week Cash Flow Report
-Weekly Financial Report
-Wire Transfer Form

Don�t write each Accounting Procedure yourself. Order the most complete Accounting Procedures Manual available today.


Act now before it's too late to gain the benefits of this special accounting offer. If you're not completely satisfied then return it within 48 hours for a full refund. How can you lose? This product is only available via download.

Order the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual today.

P.S. Please don't miss out! Order today risk-free and judge for yourself the benefits of The Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual. That's right, if you're not completely satisfied that the internal controls you produce will transform your business then you can take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. Still not convinced? Click for 52 page Introduction and Table of ContentsThis FREE SAMPLE is in Adobe PDF and can be saved and printed. Also look at some additional tools and resources available in the manual.


Accounting Policies and Procedures



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