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Legal Aspects of Human Resources

A Management Workshop on a Software Disk

Legal Aspects of Human Resources' Chapters


Americans with Disabilities

Employment at Will

Family & Medical Leave

Sexual Harassment

Every day managers make decisions that could expose their organizations to very expensive lawsuits. Legal Aspects of Human Resources presents information to help avoid the missteps and pitfalls in the management of human resources.

What an organization’s management staff don’t know could hurt them - and their organizations!

Legal Aspects... is a self-learning, computer assisted tutorial which an organization’s management staff can use where they want, when they want, and at their own learning pace. Legal Aspects..., presented in an interesting, easy-to-understand format, provides management staff with a complete workshop on this very important subject without ever having to leave their offices. Just put the software into the computer, and Legal Aspects... is ready to teach valuable human resource issues to managers.

Unlike seminars which are very expensive and are only given at selected times, this program is always ready for current managers or when a new manager is hired or promoted. It provides organizations with an opportunity to assist management staffs through the legal maze of employment law in a manner that is both cost effective and efficient.

Order Legal Aspects of Human Resources, today!
Protect your organization from paralyzing lawsuits.

System Requirements

486/66 or better PC, Windows 95, 98 or newer.

Note: This software is distributed electronically. There is no packaging and no manual (The software is so simple to use that none is required). We can e-mail the software as an attachment or we can give you the URL where you can download a copy. Please let us know which you prefer when you order.

Item Code LAHR $99.

Site License (Less than 1,000 employees)
Item Code LAHR/Site1 $295.

Site License (1,000 or more employees)
Item Code LAHR/Site2 $495.

Call 800-221-3104 or send e-mail to: if you want a Site License.

Legal Aspects of Human Resources