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Marketing on the Internet

Specific to the field, this manual provides the latest most advanced information on creating successful marketing on your web site. Includes examples and illustrations!

Your web site is becoming a critical aspect of your organization's operations and key to marketing success in the years ahead. More and more of your staff are now involved or affected by your web site, including your CEO, professional staff, frontline staff, and technical staff.

Your web site reflects your image, supports communication, serves your existing customers, and attracts new customers. 

Only This Manual Gives You:

  • Specific information on budgeting your web site. 
  • Model home pages, model web descriptions of courses and events, model online registration. 
  • Strategic planning information every CEO needs to know. 
  • Understanding of how your program's operations are changing. 
  • Examples, pages, and illustrations from outstanding and benchmark web sites. 

Why You Should Get This Manual 

Web sites are changing the way we in lifelong learning do business. Only web-based organizations will survive in the 21st century. Your web site is your key to success. 

Think about what we do. 

  • develop courses 
  • do marketing 
  • receive registrations 
  • conduct evaluations 
  • survey participants 
  • measure results 

All of these fundamental operations are impacted now by the effectiveness of your web site. Attracting and retaining participants is an essential role of your web site. With Marketing on the Internet., you will get information not available anywhere else. Information specific to our field and industry. Information about budgeting, staffing, page design, course and event descriptions, and generating online registrations. 

Marketing on the Internet has the latest most advanced information available. Just one tip, technique or idea will pay for this manual over and over again.

Marketing on the Internet
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