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Learning On the Net

Order for all your online students, and all your online instructors.<p>
The more your students know about learning online, the more successful your online courses will be. And the higher your retention rate. 
Learning On the Net gives your students practical, how to tips on how online learning is different from the traditional classroom, what to do to prepare for an online course, and how to succeed in online courses. Your online instructors will gain valuable ideas for helping students learn online.

Contents- Why we're learning on the 'net
� Our knowledge economy
� Why online learning is better
� Your reasons to learn online
How online learning is different
� Traditional classroom learning
� How online learning is different
� How young people learn online
How we learn
� Create your learning environment
� Encourage yourself
� Use your experiences
Creating your online learning environment
� How the physical setting affects learning on the 'net
� Tips for improving your physical setting
The technology of online learning
� The technology of the Internet
� How an online classroom looks
How knowledge is organized online
� How information is organized on a web site
� Using the Discovery method to learn on the 'net
Accessing course content
� Readings
� How much time to spend online
� Listening to online lectures
Participating in online discussions
� Netiquette and rules for online discussions
� How to interact with your instructor online
� How to ask a good question online
Taking online quizzes
� Why we hate taking tests
� The attributes of online assessment
� Cheating online
Learning face-to-face
� The new role of face-to-face learning
� Some ways to communicate offline
Online learning in your future
� Moore's Law
� Why online learning is central to your future.
Learning On the Net

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