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High Probability� Selling

Reinvents The Selling Process

High Probability Selling "The Book" 3rd Edition by Jacques Werth and Nicholas E. Ruben. 178 pages, paperback, 1999.

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High Probability� Selling
Reinvents The Selling Process
*SUCCESS Magazine* Editor's First Choice for annual "Selling" edition.

"This is the most dramatic development in selling that I've seen in my thirty years in the business."
Phil D'Achille, Senior Vice President, Sales,
Prudential Insurance and Financial Services

"I had three goals before the course: increase sales volume, increase the referral portion of my business, and replace pressure with pleasure in the sales process. A year after the course, all three goals have been accomplished."
- Ed Dumonceaux, Re/Max Hall of Fame,
Top 100 for Re/Max Canada

"I can honestly say that I've never been through a sales training program that had so much impact on me and the people that work for me."
- Lisa Gaeto, Sales Manager,
Greater Atlanta Health Services

"An amazing difference before and after I took the workshops...I owe my present position to High Probability Selling."
- Steve Houser, CEO, Linsure,
Div. Lincoln Investment Planning

"I am now much more efficient. High Probability opened my eyes to focusing on those activities which will directly lead to the sale."
- Jim Toolen, Sales Engineer, GSI Automation

"My sales went from $250,000 to $1,000,000 the year after I did the High Probability Selling courses."
- Cliffe Bassman, President, Promotions by Design, Inc.

"High Probability Selling made an incredible difference in the way I do business. I doubled my sales the first year after I took the High Probability selling courses..."
- Jeff DeLone, Agent, Mutual of New York

High Probability� Selling is being utilized by sales professionals in over sixty industries. It's equally as effective for commodities, high technology products, intangibles, and services, such as: consulting, advertising and CPAs.

High Probability� Selling

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