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Interviewing and Salary Negotiation


For Job Hunters, Career Changers, Consultants, and Freelancers

Great News: you got the interview! Now you want to turn this interview into an offer, by presenting yourself in the best light possible. You want to handle those tricky questions with ease, and you want to present yourself persuasively and effectively.

You want Interviewing and Salary Negotiation.

Author Kate Wendleton has spent years helping job hunters land the best jobs at the best pay. She presents all the lateset ideas for getting what you want, including how to asses the interview and turn it into an job offer.

Some things you will learn are how to use the follow-up checklist to turn interviews into offers, the four steps to the most effective salary negotiation, how to start out on the right foot in your new job, and how to make sure the job you want is the job you really want.

Kate Wendleton, a nationally syndicated career columnist, is an authority on job search and career development. Kate has been a career coach since 1978 when she founded The Five O'Clock Club to help job hunters, career changers, and consultants at all levels. She is also the founder of Workforce America, a not-for-profit organization serving adult job hunters in Harlem who are not yet in the professional or managerial ranks. A former CFO of two small companies, Kate has 20 years of business experience as well as an MBA.

By Kate Wendleton, Paper, 192 pages, Pub Date: 09/99.

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