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Internet Auctions For Dummies´┐Ż

Internet Auctions For Dummies´┐Ż by Greg Holden, paperback, 360 pages plus CD of software, 1999.

Want to get rid of those old comic books gathering dust in the closet? Looking for a deal on Beanie Babies? The world of Internet auctions is a fast-paced and glamorous adventure of buying, selling, and bidding. It is as addictive as it is fun. Writer and small business owner Greg Holden lets you in on the secrets of getting the best deals without losing sleep in Internet Auctions for Dummies.

This zany tour of auction e-commerce begins by addressing the basics of getting hooked up to the Net. The book then splashes right into the waters of auction sites, including searches for items you want to sell or purchase, how to arrange for payment and delivery, and what to expect from everyone involved.

Tips, anecdotes, advice, and new terms like "escrow service" filter into your life via Holden's conversational style that reads as though he is just sitting you down over coffee to give you his perspective on the world. Yet he minces no words--each page is packed with site information and the nitty-gritty details you need to make money from collectible action figures, or vice versa.

The CD-ROM that comes with the book has software to help you get connected, like Internet Explorer, as well as specialty software like Auctioneer 3.0 and other tools to see you on your way. Remember, it's not over 'til it's over, and soon you'll be hearing the virtual auctioneer crying "Going, going, gone!" --Rob Lightner

Internet Auctions For Dummies´┐Ż
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