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How to Make a Fortune on the Internet

A new, completely updated edition of the book that started it all!

by Martha Siegel, 277 pages, paper, 1997, HarperPerennial

When the orginal edition was published in the fall of 1994 it was the first book to fully cover the possibilities of marketing to a potential buying audience of millions on the Internet. The explosion of interest in the Net, through, has far exceeded anyone's expectatations and has resulted in enormous changes that would have been difficult to imagine at the time. In spite of these changes, the premise of the original edition remains valid -- that there are unprecedented business opportunities to reach large audiences at low cost through the Internet and on-line services. How to Make a Fortune on the Internet details those changes.

Siegel covers all the new issues and techniques that have come to the fore and in non-technical language discusses what the Internet is, the way it works and, most important, how the average person, with some fairly simple ideas, can turn those ideas into cash on the Internet.

How to Make a Fortune on the Internet