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50 Powerful Ideas

You Can Use to Keep Your Customers

Paperback: 160 pages, 3rd edition (April 15, 2023) by Paul Timm.

Book Description
Since publishing the first edition of this classic that has sold over 250,000 copies, the challenges of keeping customers - or creating customer loyalty - has become even more urgent. Ultimately, every successful enterprise must attract, serve, and win the loyalty of customers by providing worthwhile products and delivering excellent service. Turned-off customers produce devastating ripple effects that quickly drag companies into a morass of mediocrity, while organizations that creatively apply a constant flow of small, customer-centered innovations see consistent and persistent strengthening of their customer base. This book will get all managers and employees thinking about the little things that can make all the difference. If everyone in an organization improves awareness of the simple yet powerful ideas in this volume, the company can and will see dramatic improvements in service and customer loyalty. The impact on the bottom line will be dramatic.

50 Powerful Ideas
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