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20 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Home

Paperback: 128 pages, (July 1, 2023) by Ronald L. Price and Connie J. Price

Are you really prepared to make the biggest investment of your life?

Am I ready to buy a home? What should I look for in a house? How much should I offer? What happens at closing? Why is my mortgage payment so high?

20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home gives you the vital information you need to buy your first, second or umpteenth house in a compact, easy-to-read and inexpensive format-from making the decision to buy a home to tips on finding your perfect house, from how and what to offer to finding the right mortgage, from inspections and appraisals to closing and moving in.

The home-buying process can be frightening, especially for first-timers, but with the down-to-earth advice and detailed information 20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home offers, it doesn�t have to be! The authors also include a number of real-life examples, checklists and step-by-step "to-do" lists to ensure you don�t overlook even the smallest step.

Connie J. Price, GRI, CRM, is a licensed real estate professional in the State of Washington with more than 16 years of active experience. She is currently a real estate marketing coach in her own consulting practice and also serves as the marketing director of a large upscale housing and recreation development.

Ronald L. Price, MBA, AAGG, is a best-selling author with 24 titles in print and more than 26 years experience teaching business, management, economics, computing, and other business topics on the college level.

20 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Home
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