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101 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home


Paperback: 304 pages, by Steve Berges, 6/2004.

Every year, millions of Americans spend varying degrees of time and money on home improvements. Which improvements are likely to add the greatest value on resale? What kinds of small, inexpensive projects can really make a difference? How do homeowners get started on the project of their dreams? Real estate expert Steve Berges draws on his more than 25 years of experience to provide homeowners with the advice and guidance they crave, as they mull over their home improvement options and prepare to venture out into the world of building inspectors, subcontractors, deed restrictions, and other thorny issues.

101 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home covers a range of home improvement options-no-cost, low-cost, and pricey-and helps readers determine where they�ll get the most bang for their buck. Homeowners will learn how to:

� Find the best subcontractors for the job and protect their investment through smart negotiations and the right agreements.
� Weigh the benefits of a do-it-yourself project.
� Move smoothly through tasks that can seem daunting, such as getting the required permits and researching local insurance and bonding requirements
�. Appreciate the importance of such intangibles as odors, cleanliness, and decor.
� Determine how much to expect to recoup on every single project, from bathroom and kitchen remodels to new windows, fences, or gutters.

Focusing on the intrinsic value of each home improvement-from a brand-new kitchen to a simple lawn clean-up-101 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home helps readers assess their needs, organize their priorities, and make budget-sensible decisions that will help them preserve and enhance their greatest asset-their home.


Get the Biggest Bang for Your Home Improvement Buck

Before you start planning your next home improvement project, it�s important to know if the money you spend today will result in an increase in your property value tomorrow. Real estate expert Steve Berges provides detailed information about the cost of home improvement projects versus the value they can add to your property in 101 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home.


Whether you�re a homeowner, real estate investor, or home improvement enthusiast, Berges�s practical advice will teach you how to determine how much to expect to recoup on every single project outlined, find the best subcontractors and protect your investment, weigh the benefits of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional, and appreciate the importance of intangibles such as odors, cleanliness, and d�cor.

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