Place photos or drawings of each of your tray setups in your SOP book.  This is an excellent training guide for new or substituting employees.  One creative office set up each of their trays on their copier machine.  The copies came out great! 


Desired Outcome:  To have sterilized instruments arranged in order of use on the tray, as well as other needed supplies, to facilitate quick and efficient dental treatment.


Measurement:  Consistency of tray set-up arrangements, plus the number of times you must leave the chair to get something you’ve forgotten!



1.   Mouth mirror


2.   Explorer


3.   Perio-probe


4.   2x2 gauze


5.   Hand mirror


6.   Floss


7.   Brush


8.   Large white tray cover


    Samples from Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists
(Contains over 470 pages + software)

Demo Introduction Dept. Task List Staff Meetings
Introduction Table of Contents Treatment
Cover Sample OSHA Chart Preparation
Article Performance Agreement Basic Tray Set Up
Agenda Appointment Scheduling X Rays
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